Day Care

For your dog to be left alone, while you are away, or them not getting the exercise they need could result in psychological problems as well as problems in relation to your life at home. “ACTIVE DOGS ARE HAPPY DOGS” Excessive barking, crying, chewing and hyperactivity when you are back are all because they got bored and did not get the exercise they needed throughout the day.
Dogs who are coming for day care to Ada Pet Hotel have the opportunity to exercise, play and wander around freely in a 1000sqm secure backyard. We aim to get them release their energy with the right exercises and to get them socialize with other dogs if needed. The ultimate aim of course is getting them to be happy. Dogs at Ada pet Hotel are grouped according to their socialization level and enjoy outdoors in the company of our trained staff for at least 4 hours every day. After each outing, they are cleaned and brushed, before they get back to the lounge or their suite.