About Us

Ada Pet Hotel is designed to offer great comfort and an experience with high standards to your dogs and cats. Located in Zekeriyakoy, it is one of the most prestigious pet hotels in Turkey. Our aim is to take care of your dogs and cats 24/7 in a secure environment, with lots of love and get them to enjoy their stay.
Ada Pet Hotel, with its green surrounding, lofty boarding options and large play grounds, is a hotel for pets by all means. The main mission of Ada Pet Hotel is offering a cage free and hygienic environment for your beloved pets and our main goal is to allow them spend their time here freely and comfortably. That is why, we only accept a limited number of dogs to Ada Pet Hotel. It is a boutique hotel concept in luxury pet boarding.
Ada Pet Hotel also welcomes cats. They stay in their allocated suites, one different level at the hotel, playing with toys. Our staff spend time and play with the cats as they do with the dogs throughout the day.
We have regular visits to Ada Pet Hotel by our vet, and we also have a vet on call 24/7 for emergencies.